Why Choose Us?

We provide fast application of revegetation, dust suppression and erosion control with a proven ability and recorded output to handle numerous large projects simultaneously.


Our team are happy to chat with you and answer any questions you have to help you find the right solution for your site.

Quality Assurance

We have a proven track record in Project Completion and WH&S Compliance over the last forty years for all classes of works.


All of our trucks are supported by a highly experienced crew and we use hydraulic cranes for increased capacity and elimination of manual handling.

before applying heavy compost blanket

Are you tired of not getting the results you want?

Most people are left feeling frustrated with the results of a revegetation project.

Don't get caught off guard having to spend money on re-works.

We follow the right specification, investigate, and tailor the application to the site soil.

Helping clients to achieve sustainable grass growth without the need for re-works.

Let us help you choose the right application for your site.

Because you deserve successful results.

results after applying heavy compost blanket

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What clients say about us


Greg Cavanagh

"Their suite of applications which established vegetation even on poor quality soils and also provided erosion protection without the need for maintenance watering until natural rainfall resulted in the development of the desired cover of permanent grasses for permanent erosion control"

Bourne Project Support

Nathan Bourne

"The capability of their Compost Blanket applications to provide service erosion control during extended dry periods enhanced project sustainability as maintenance watering to germination and permanent growth was not required as the quantities of water required was simply not available along the alignment"

Goldspring's Group

Martin Burridge

"We participated in their development of their range of Light and Heavy Compost Blankets which were appreciated, in particular by our mining clients due to significant cost savings achieved due to the blanket’s ability to remain intact and provide surface erosion protection during long dry periods"

Robson Civil Projects

Jody Rae

"Valley Hydromulch & Revegetation set a high standard and commitment towards safety and environmental practises on site, always followed site policies and procedures and were very willing to participate in safety discussions"

Golding Contractors

Martin Brears

"Valley were able to include the necessary nutrients, with the required seed mix, and without the need for maintenance watering their work resulted in consistent grass cover being established very quickly"

J Newton Civil Construction

James Newton

"Their knowledge of specific applications needed for any particular site creates a level of confidence and trust that is invaluable to our company"

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Hydromulch Tips & Advice

What Is Hydromulching?

How to choose the right hydromulch for your site. Answers to common questions related to hydromulch applications and processes such as how it works and what it is used for.

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