Ask About Our State of The Art Hydroseed Trucks in NSW

Valley Hydramulch & Revegetation has spent considerable time and money researching and developing our Hydramulch Units over the last 30 years. These Hydramulchers are now set-up to allow for fast loading and quicker application of materials, thus ensuring that areas to be revegetated are quickly treated, all in accordance with contractual requirements. Go with us and you’re benefiting from the Highest Quality Equipment and unmatched Industry Knowledge in NSW.


Hydramulch Units

Our Hydramulch Units are built on the Ford Louisville L9000 and Freightliner FL112 Chassis and are fitted with full hydraulic power systems to drive all aspects of the hydramulch operation. The hydraulic system consists of:

High Capacity Pumps
Helical Rotor Pumps allow seed mixes of virtually any consistency to be successfully pumped. This allows us to apply mixes with high concentrations of ingredients (up to 6 tonnes per hectare of wood fibre or sugar cane mulch) successfully with fewer applications than our competitors, thus covering your disturbed areas more quickly.

High Torque Mixers
High Ttorque Mixers are fitted on all trucks , to ensure that the ingredients in the mix are adequately mixed. The hydraulic power system has adequate capacity to drive the pump at full capacity and the mixers at the same time, ensuring that the materials are adequately mixed during application

Table top trucks

We currently have four Table Top Trucks. one is based on the Ford Louisville L9000 Chassis and three on the Freighliner FL112/CL120 chassis. Each is fitted with a hydraulic crane varying from 10 to 18 tonne metre capacity to allow for safe and efficient loading of materials into the Hydramulchers. The use of hydraulic cranes virtually eliminates the manual handling of materials during the loading process while dramatically reducing cycle times for heavy mixes and also reducing the possibility of injuries occurring on your site.

Other equipment

We also utilize other machinery to help with erosion control and revegetation. To ensure you get the most comprehensive solution on the market, we employ:

  • Tractors with mechanical seeders
  • 4WD All Terrain Straw Mulchers

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