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Quality Spray-on Grass Solutions

Revegetation Services you can rely on in NSW & SE QLD

We have over 30 years of experience in quality revegetation and spray grass services.  Located near Newcastle NSW, we deliver projects all over NSW & SE QLD.  We cover large to small jobs such as highways, sub-divisions and residential.

Why Should You Choose us?

We have built trust with our clients by offering the information and support they need to see their project through to completion.
We have a saying, ‘Do it Once, Do it Right’.

If you take on our advice and expertise, we can tailor the application to your site to provide faster germination and long-term grass growth.

Our Services

We can provide Advice, Hydroseeding, Hydromulching, Bonded Fibre matrix, Compost Blankets, Mechanical Seeding and Straw Mulching services to suit your site’s needs. Visit our learning hub for more information.

How You Can Save on Cost

A simple soil test can save thousands of dollars in repeat application costs.

Most civil construction sites do not have ideal topsoil, which leads to the grass that grows yellowing off and dying, and ultimately costly reworks. A soil test ensures you have the right application for the site.

After 35 years we have seen this time and time again where the cheaper option doesn’t always save you money in the long run. Check out our content or have a chat to our experts for friendly advice on how to choose the right application for your site.

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Our Clients say:

Soil Binder

Soil Binding Polymer Emulsions Description Soil Binders are used on various projects as a means of temporary dust suppression, erosion control and general soil stabilisation

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Hydraulically Applied Compost Blanket

Description A Compost Blanket is an application which contains the following ingredients: Seed Water Organic Fertiliser Inorganic Fertiliser Wood-Fibre Polymer Binder Ameliorants (Lime, Gypsum &

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Case Study 1
Pacific Highway - Oxley Highway to Kundabung
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Looking for Erosion Control Solutions?

Valley Hydramulch & Revegetation offer a variety of comprehensive Erosion Control and Revegetation Services