Binder Application

spraying hydromulch from truck

Soil Binders work by holding down and binding soil particles. Site soil type will dictate appropriate soil binders to be used.

Soil binders are grouped into the following categories:

  • bitumen-based
  • organic-based (both short and long term)
  • polymeric emulsion blends
  • cementitious based

RST is our preferred supplier and further information on their binder technologies can be found at


  • Soil Binders can be used for short-term, temporary stabilisation of soils on both mild and steep slopes to reduce wind and water erosion.
  • They are often used in areas where work has temporarily stopped, but is expected to resume before revegetation can become established.
  • Binders are also useful on stockpiled soils or where temporary or permanent seeding has occurred.


  • Will not prevent erosion during heavy rainfall.
  • Cannot be applied to just any surface.
  • Not suitable for use in heavily trafficked areas.
  • More than one treatment is often necessary.

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