Advice, Services and Professional Approach

Published by Paul Clarke on

Since I first engaged Valley Hydramulch and Revegetation (VHR) on a project in the Hunter Valley in 1978 while employed by Keller Civil Engineers in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, I had a long and fruitful association with them in general civil engineering construction projects both large and small , until I took up a new position with ARTC on major rail developments and upgrades in Newcastle and Hunter Valley.
I continued my association with them during my time with ARTC and often took advantage of their advice, services and professional approach on revegetation of various projects in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.
They provided a complete service from submission of tenders through to producing results which required no rectification works at practical completion enabling timely completion of the various projects.
Their suite of applications which established vegetation even on poor quality soils and also provided erosion protection without the need for maintenance watering until natural rainfall resulted in the development of the desired cover of permanent grasses for permanent erosion control resulted in significant cost savings and establishment of complete cover of long-term permanent grasses without the need for rectification at practical completion or maintenance works during Defects Liability Periods.