VHR Works Methodology

VHR Works Methodology

The RMS Revegetation R178 has been updated and amended over the last ten years to reflect the introduction of various new materials and methods and local variations on R178 have been issued for various Projects statewide.

We have carried out works on numerous Road Upgrade Projects over the last thirty years and more recently on the Pacific Motorway North of Newcastle on the:

  • Hunter Expressway
  • Karuah Bypass,
  • Bulahdelah Bypass
  • Nabiac Bypass
  • Oxley Highway Upgrade
  • Herons Creek to Stills Road
  • OH2KU
  • F2E
  • Coolongolook to Wang Wauk
  • Brunswick Heads Bypass
  • Ballina Bypass

Over these Projects we have used many variations of R178 and have developed methods and applications to produce good results. We have maintained records on best methods and developed these methods and our machinery to improve results.

Unfortunately there has been no real follow up investigation of outcomes on Projects with consideration of all the factors involved to achieve a satisfactory result.

We believe that it is essential to understand what the composition and condition of site soils are to enable any chance of producing the desired revegetation outcome and as a standard practice we recommend that soil sampling and testing be carried out as a first step. Usually samples of topsoil and subgrade are collected and we have them tested by Sydney Environmental and Soils Laboratory and we work with their Soil Scientists to design an appropriate mix for the site.

We have worked with SESL on numerous Projects statewide and have achieved outstanding results when all of our recommendations are followed.

We apply Hydromulch or Compost Blankets which are site specific and designed to produce an early stabilising annual grass cover, and have sufficient fertilisers and ameliorants in the mix to enable long term germination and growth of perennial grasses and/or native plants. This process is based our experience and collaboration with SESL over the last thirty years. This process is in accordance with the procedures set out in RMS R178 “Revegetation” which is the specification which is the generally accepted Standard in the industry.

We, as Experienced Seeding Contractors, working with Experienced Soil Scientists, have developed mixes which contains the ameliorants required for best outcomes.

We usually recommend that the design mix be adopted for initial works as a trial and that results be used to determine whether changes would be appropriate due to local variations in topsoil quality over the site on extensive works.

Please Read our Methodology Endorsement from SESL!

VHR’s Methodology Endorsement from SESL