Erosion Control

Erosion Control & Dust Suppression

One of the main things we get asked for is erosion control and dust suppression associated with heavy rainfall, mining, construction or infrastructure works.

We have multiple applications available, which work by protecting the soil until vegetation grows and stabilises it. However, choosing the right one will be dependent on your site requirements.

Soil Testing is recommended so that the mix can be designed to suit the site conditions present. This allows for the best chance for successful results to occur.

Typically, 70% to 80% of germination is achieved within four to six weeks, depending on climatic conditions and rainfall.

Our Solutions include the following:


  • A mix of binder, seed, woodfibre and water, which forms a protective layer on the soil to reduce soil erosion.
  • Can be applied to areas ranging from flat surfaces, up to banks with gradients of 1V:1H with heavier applications.
  • The proportion of wood fibre in the slurry can be altered to provide varying amounts of coverage and erosion protection requirements.
  • Hydromulch can fail when there is inadequate surface preparation, poor quality soil, or an inadequate mix is used or climatic conditions present.

Ameliorated Application

  • A mix of grass seeds, fertilisers, cellulose fibre, binder, and water, with added ameliorants, which change the properties of the soil.

  • The ameliorants include gypsum, lime, and compost, which help to promote long-term grass growth.

  • The application forms a paste on the surface, holding seeds in place until initial strike is achieved.

  • The ameliorants work their way into the soil via the ‘Top-Down’ approach, improving the nutrient availability, soil structure and working to release the locked nutrients within the soil.

  • This methodology kick-starts the natural regeneration process and nutrient cycles that have broken down in a site soil, in order to achieve sustainable long-term germination.

  • The success of your application will be dependent on the ingredients used and adequate surface preparation.

Bonded Fibre Matrix

  • They work to hold down and bind soil particles, often with a flexible finish.
  • Suitable (to a degree) for erosion prone surfaces, friable surfaces and steep banks.
  • Used on various projects as a means of temporary dust suppression, erosion control and general soil stabilisation on civil construction sites. 
  • The heavy application will retain moisture for a longer period and offer a degree of erosion protection.
  • Does not necessarily result in rapid germination and long-term grass growth.
  • Will not encourage germination without topsoil.
  • Will not prevent erosion during heavy rainfall.
  • Cannot be applied to just any surface.

RST is our preferred supplier for soil binders and further information on their binder technologies can be found at

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